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SEPTEMBER 22, 1999


On September 22, 1999, the ARMENIAN Jewelers Association (AJA) of Eastern was established with the participation of 70 members and the election of a 13 member executive committee. The historic and elegant event, with dinner and drink took place at the Diamond Dealers Club, on 47th street, New York City. The participating members from New York City and East Coast U.S.A. unanimously confirmed the main idea, as suggested by the organizers and decided to establish AJA East Coast U.S.A. The mission of the organization, mainly was to bring together the Armenian jewelers and help to develop the jewelry industry in Armenia.

Among the honorary guests participating to the founding general assembly were his excellency Ambassador Movses Abelian, the head of the permanent mission of the Republic of Armenia to the United Nations, Mr. Arman Akopian, counselor of the Mission, Mr. Vardan Barseghyan, Director of the Republic of  Karabagh office in U.S.A. and Mr. Hratch Kaprielian representing the newly established AJA International Board  as assigned to organize this new chapter.

The purpose corporation is to bring together individual businessmen, merchants, manufacturers, traders, agents, industrialists and executives of Armenian descent involved in the jewellery industry and lobbying  to promote legislation and regulations affecting jewelry trade and manufacturing. The Armenian Jewelers association also aims to promote foreign and local investments in Armenia and the export the Armenian made jewelry and services. The main tasks of the corporation is to publish a directory and design a website, containing the names, addresses and line of production or sale of their products.

Garbis Kazanjian, chairing the meeting, reported that the association already enjoys the participation of 105 members and that the drive for membership will continue. For the board of directors, 13 members,were nominated and elected by unanimous vote by applause and the names as follows: Mr. Varoujan Arslanian, Haci Garipian,Garbis Kazanjian, Nazar Nazarian, Varoujan Baharian, JosephTahtajian, MinasVanklian, Rasmig Arslanian, James Yenijag, Apraham Deirmenjian, Zareh Karagolian, Krikor Tekeyan and Berc Gokberg. Of those names, 10 were members of the AJA preparatory Committee.



OCTOBER 17, 1999

The first meeting of the elected board took place in the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Varoujan Baharian, in Ridgewood, New Jersey. At the same time, Mr. & Mrs. Baharian had graciously invited the Board members and their wives to a dinner party. After the dinner, the first board meeting was called to order.Were absent and  excused Mr. Razmig Arslanian and Mr. Zareh Karagolian for acceptable reasons.

On behalf of the preparatory committee, Mr. Garbis Kazanjian reported about the articles published in the internet, The Armenian Reporter, the Armenian Radio of NJ and other publications. Also reports were sent to AJA Int’l Committee, AJA Armenia, West Coast USA, Canada and Belgium and we received back congratulation letters. Followings were elected officers of AJA East Coast USA: Chairman, Varoujan Arslanian,Co Chairmen,Haci Garipian and Nazareth Nazarian, Executive Secretary and cochairman, Garbis Kazanjian,Treasurer, Mr.Berc Gokberg assistant secretary for recording, Razmig Arslanian, Assisstant secretary for correspondence, Mr. Joseph Tahtajian.

The newly elected Board, by unanimous vote decided to nominate Mr. Hratch Kaprielian as lifetime Honorary President. Metrogold Jewelry Mfg. Company has offered free of charge to set up an office in its premises. Also the Board decided to hire Julia Hovhannessian as administrative secretary and immediately to start membership drive and preparation of a directory.




FEBRUARY 23, 2000

At the executive board meeting, Mr.Varoujan Arslanian, for personal reasons, submitted in writing his resignation from Chairmanship. The board assigned Nazareth Nazarian and Garbis Kazanjian to continue the duties of Mr. Arslanian as cochairmen, until the next general assembly and the election of a new board.