About the Armenian Jewelers Association (AJA)

Our Mission
The mission of the Armenian Jewelers Association (AJA) is to unite Armenian jewelers from Armenia and the Diaspora in order to further the development of the jewelry industry in Armenia, as well as to advance Armenian jewelry manufacturing, trade and commerce throughout the world. The purpose of the organization is to draw on the strengths of its members based on their Armenian heritage and their diverse entrepreneurial and business experience in order to foster communication among jewelers in the vast Armenian community.

Objectives & Benefits
• To link individual business people, merchants, manufacturers, traders, agents, industrialists and executives in the jewelry industry of Armenian descent into an association to cooperate in the economic development and general welfare of the Armenian jeweler.
• To lobby for and promote legislation and regulations affecting jewelry trade and commerce in USA, Armenia and internationally.
• To promote regional and international trade and commerce by way of promoting foreign and local investments in Armenia, and the export to foreign countries of Armenian-manufactured jewelry and related services.
• To identify and initiate new areas of jewelry-related business ventures and commercial dealings between members.
• To obtain preferential rates for regional and international common services, such as insurance, security, banking, legal services, accounting, freight, advertising, telecommunications, computer and technology services, transportation and other relevant services commensurate with the businesses of AJA members.
• To provide forum for discussion, counseling, and networking between Armenian jewelers and related businesses around the world.

Membership in the Armenian Jewelers Association is a wise investment in yourself as well as in the future of Armenian jewelry industry. The annual membership fee is $100.00. You can read about the benefits and register for membership by clicking the following link (http://www.ajaofusa.com/component/comprofiler/registers.html).